Welcome to Bullish-As-F#ck.

Welcome to Bullish-As-F#ck.

Crypto has taken over many of our lives. To many today; it has become more than just a hobby or investment. It’s become a lifestyle. A lifestyle we are slowly, yet quickly gaining pace into adapting into our everyday lives now. Thus, we designed and created BULLISH-AS-F#CK, or BAF for short, to realize this adaptation.  

Ten years ago, the only name of the value in the field is Bitcoin and back then, it was slowly developing itself into the beast it is today. With the realized potential of bitcoin, alt-coin projects, or fabrications of ideas become realistic concepts applied across the world today. 

Alt-coins have been originally spawned from the alpha of Bitcoin; each applying its own unique process, solution, and network. Some have become what some, including ourselves, call “Hidden Gems. When the Alpha began to shift to becoming the Omega; alt-coin crypto was a roguish idea, only known in the deeper levels of developer forums without any impact on mainstream attention. Today, we are now hearing it across various mediums:

  • Within our financial news and tech sectors
  • Billboards and advertisement vehicles.
  • Guerrilla marketing.
  • Conventions and summits
  • Property (ie. Crypto.com stadium)

  • And beyond this, Non-Fungible-Tokens, or NFTs, take the next spotlight of focus becoming a raw utility feature via smart contracts for altcoin projects alike within their respective blockchain. NFTs propelled the art sector into the blockchain, including physical art, music, books, real-world property, and Metaverse real estate. 

    As our lifestyle evolves to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, it's time our fashion, apparel, and lifestyle begin to evolve with it.

    But how? 

    To us, it's simple, yet complex:

    1. We considered creativity, ingenuity, and access to integrated technology today to be the propellant for our journey into the next frontier. 
    2. To realize this idea even further, we seek like-minded, prospective, and strongly motivated alt-coin and NFT  projects with a healthy audience in their growing lives across various blockchains. 
    3. We’ve conceptualized how NFTs could extend their potential into the aspect of one’s direct lifestyle rather than just being a digital contract or an image file. 
    4. Across our development timeline, we’ve considered how NFTs and fashion apparel can be experienced together within the next world that is the Metaverse and Web3. 
    5. We mix and design our products around our partnered alt-coin projects, helping them spread their word and audience across each other’s projects through our shop; Introducing the hidden gems we’ve found to the audience of hidden gems others have just discovered and only know of so far.
    6.  Our integration with the LIT protocol allows us to utilize NFTs and alt-coin holders to interact with our brand and the project we coordinate in unique ways, thus allowing us to provide operating utility for our hidden gem partners.
    7. Establishing our audience through each project audience, and accruing a WOM yield-reducing our need for paid advertising all help build the organic flow of BAF. In return, we provide the audience with other projects to view and connect with the other projects we consider hidden gems. 
    8. And with this newfound community, our increasing engagements, and cross-promotions, we begin to offer our own lineups of NFTs benefiting towards the next established period of BAF's development cycle. 

    One of the core concepts of BAF revolves around building bridges with these projects. We aim to find unique producers and budding entrepreneurs beginning to put their foot in the door. Whether they're looking for a larger audience, a bigger footprint, an easier way to sell their products, etc.; we will go out of our way to make them Bullish As Fuck with us as we are with them. Some of our biggest partners are just getting started in this field with us as well, such as Illumi Art, a high-quality NFT, and digital frame display company based in the UK, and VeGems, a fast-paced NFT project based out of Ontario and is currently rolling into its 2nd series lineup, and they sold out their first collection series!  

    Part of our process and ways we look to help and integrate with our partners, as we do with our designs, graphics, and recreations; is to host graphic designs for their projects and connection leveling. Per the two projects listed above; our in-house graphics designer artist Lande (known as Adam Bower), helped design VeGem's new logo hyping up their VeGems Rangers launch coming up. For Illumi Art, we remade their logo and are in discussion for more updates to help them grow further and faster. These in-house perks allow us to help offer more utility than simply being another marketplace hub. 

    So when we discuss what it means to be Bullish, in our eyes, it's about being excited for what you invested in; the potential of what could become the next big thing. We want to commit our efforts and hardworking minds and imaginative thought toward these amazing plans and prospects.

    “To become a bull run, you'll eventually need a pack of bulls alongside you to become unstoppable.“

    What looks to others like a random hoodie, a neat hat, or a slick wall piece; it's more than that. It supports us and our pack, to continue the idea of bridges across worlds and networks to build a harmonious collective of integrated lifestyles and cross-network. You're with us in setting the standard expectation of what merch and fashion sites dump on the table without much thought to capitalizing on their potential. And utmost, it's about being Bullish for your hidden gem project and those alike.

    Welcome to Bullish-As-F#ck. 

    • To our newfound growing pack of bulls and hidden gems, welcome to us as you welcome us.

    Check out our links below, and our current giveaway on our Twitter page. 

    BAF Discord: https://discord.gg/qSrwpmNY

    BAF Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bullishasfuk?s=20&t=Iq19gSoWm1jHLOiyPPN5ng

    BAF ongoing tweet giveaway: 


    Be sure to show some love to our hidden gems: 

    VeGems Discord: https://discord.gg/AA6SKa2D

    VeGems 1st NFT Series Collection: https://marketplace.worldofv.art/collection/c4535d22-09ec-44dd-97ab-b341710658e4

    Illumiart: https://illumiart.co.uk

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