Who and What Is Bullish-As-F#ck?

The Birth of The Bullish

We started Bullish-As-F#ck with the intention of bridging style, flair, and much needed attention towards budding and blooming NFT/alt-coin projects onto our marketplace and creating a circle of connections from project to project, audience to audience.

We theme our styles betwen our own branded designs, NFTs we personally own from projects inside and outside of our collections, and we collaborate and promote our partnered projects.

We are the product of inspration via "Supreme" through the crypto fashion & lifestyle genre.

What Makes The Bulls Run


We couldnt do this without the bridges we've built and we'll continue erecting them.


Interacting with our audience engaged and entertained to support our growth.


We only seek and accept quality items, products and apperal with our designs.


Our partners and customers come first with returns, issues and feedback.

  • Ideal Partners

    We seek promising and budding projects with a show of success. We value teams that match our ideals, style and enthusiasm.

  • How we identify "Hidden Gems"

    We grade our partners based on their project launch success, audience growth, and team personality. It's a trifecta process for us.

  • What we're planning

    We plan to add utility towards each projects via crypto-gated events. Our partners will be invited to our metaverse store concept.

  • VeGems

    VeGems is a VeChain-based NFT project. They sold out their first lineup of NFT's and included bonus giveaways through project colabs.

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  • Illumi Art

    Illumi Art is a UK based physical product manufactuer of NFT and picture displays made from high-quality glass and air-brushed frames.

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  • Inheritance AI

    Inheritance AI is the future of AI, Art, and Pop Culture. Their focus is to bring life back to the famous souls which have passed on through AI.

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  • Shar Pei

    A women-lead team streamlining the community-operated project of Shar Pei. They're focusing on their up and comming P2E metaverse game.

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  • Moonlift

    A BSC-based DEX, incubator and marketing service firm. They help make their incubated projects thrive through their strong network.

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  • Chih-Fi

    Chih Finance is a DeFi ecosystem promoting lifetime community connections. They're focused with developing a P2E PVP/Solo game.

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  • Jeffrey Dean ~ AKA. Sherlock

    Jeff is the main sleuth of Bullish-As-F#ck. He connects the dots and finds the hidden gem projects we collaborate with. His networking helps BAF and our partners reach new levels.

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  • Lande (aka. Adam Bower) ~ The Designer

    The lead designer and writer of Bullish-As-F#ck. Lande designed and wrote mostly everything for the shop. Lande is also the primary coordinator of designs with our partners.

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